wefoughtharder (wefoughtharder) wrote in ssftisthebest,


Yes, I am moving to a...FOURTH apartment since my first day here in Chicago! What is different about this place than all of the others? Its MINE. No roomates! Its also not above a bar or club! Hoo-fucking-ray!

AND, my birthday is on Tuesday! What does this mean?

Shower me with housewarming gifts...or better (much better) yet...come visit my new place! I will be getting a pull-out couchbed. Start making plans for your summer...and include Chicago. INCLUDE CHICAGOOOOO! Because while you're here you will not ONLY get to see my cute little just for one apartment...you'll also most likely get to see me bout some of my first EVER roller derby games. HOLY SHIT. i would love for any of you to come see these...even if I don't get played right away (there are high chances that I will, though, even as a new recruit). Each bout is the 2nd Sunday of the month.

Other sweet things we can do: ROCK AND BOWL cosmic bowling at the sweetest alley ever, with a photo booth. SWEET FOOD. REALLY GOOD ITALIAN ICE. ROLLERSKATING ON LAKESHORE. KARAOKE.


<3 love you guys! girls!
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